Etsy Bird

Hoping to open an etsy shop soon so doing lots of browsing/research on there at the moment which is taking forever as I keep coming across great finds.
Heres one from the fantastic Pardon My Vintage.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog love! I'm a big fan of your designs; those Christmas cards you just did are great. :)

Are you thinking of opening a vintage shop, or a shop to sell your prints? Oooh, or both!? :D

Good luck, and feel free to ask any Etsy-related questions ... you already have some great finds.

matt dawson said...
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matt dawson said...

Just found your blog... & so glad to have seen it! Really lovely work... a great retro feel and I love your stylization of elements. I'm sure to stop by again!

Dee said...

Hi Christina,
I'm only planning to sell prints on Etsy, the Vintage stuff is just from our own small collection.
Thanks for the offer of Etsy advice, I may well need it.
Just been sorting Paypal out which has left me feeling dizzy!

Also thanks Matt for the comments and for dropping by.

Biba said...

Love your designs, good luck with your Etsy shop. I also adore this bird!!