Can't make my mind up at the moment whether to open a Folksy shop or not, been doing some research over there today and this is one of the many things that caught my eye, a charming Shopper bag in green and navy from Dolly Knits. Any views on the Folksy decision welcome, especially from people with both Folksy and Etsy Shops.


Bugs and Fishes said...

Folksy is quite a young site, so it has much less less traffic & functionality than Etsy ... But as it's still in Beta it's commission free and I know many UK buyers find shopping in dollars very confusing & prefer having somewhere in GBP to shop.

Kate said...

Folksy has lots of potential but is at a bit of a crossroads right now - there's not a lot of support or communication coming from admin, and the transition from Beta was meant to happen in February but I can't see it happening for a while yet. Take a look at the folksy forums and you'll see quite a few opinions - this one is particularly interesting for etsy v folksy

Mariann Johansen-Ellis said...

Hi Dee,
here's a comment, for what it's worth...... etsy is not great for printmakers..or original art...unless it is soooooo cheap, that who can make original art that cheap?? I have been working my shop like crazy with minimal results..and find that I kind of got a bit cheaper and cheaper and cheaper..hoping someone would buy... although I sell very well in shops here in Singapore at double or treble the prices!.. did not even know that Folksy existed.... so will have to check it out..... do ask it good as an artist to be selling work on these sites.... I have such a schizophrenic attitude!! :o)
Do people sell on Folksy?
take your prints!

louise35flower said...

Hi Dee
I sell on both sites and although sales on Folksy are slower than Etsy a lot of UK buyers do prefer to use it as items are listed in pounds. I have had only good experiences with customers and while it is still in Beta, you don't pay commision so I think it is worth trying out.
The other popular UK site is Coriandr I haven't got round to trying that one yet but a lot of people seem to prefer it to Folksy.

Sarah and Jon said...

I agree with Mariann - Etsy is not always the best venue for printmakers... I've found the admin at Folksy have been really helpful when it comes to categorising art, and printmaking especially.

Folksy still has some issues to sort out, I think, but on the whole it's working really well for us.

We've found that our work on Folksy gets far more views and sales than on Etsy, which is enough to convince us!

I love that bag!

Dee said...

Thank you, for sharing your knowledge everyone, it is much appreciated.

Mariann Johansen-Ellis said...

Hi again..... coriander? is the site called that, and thanks for the observation about Folksy versus etsy sales - I am just about to give up on etsy.... I come :o)

Hannah Nunn said...

interesting stuff. You got some good advice! I'd like to hear how it goes if you go for it!

KarinaAnne said...

Interesting to hear about folksy, I always thought it was a poor imitation of Etsy, but if it develops well, it could be a good alternative! I agree with previous post here, I think Etsy prices are generally too cheap - which forces down prices of professional artists. Your printwork is lovely by the way!

Julie said...

Beautiful bag and pic. It sounds like a great idea to me but unfortunately I have little business experience.

Francesca said...

hi dee, just found you today, beautiful prints and lovely blog.

i know this post was a while ago so i don't know what you decided but i would recommend folksy simply because, the more places your work gets seen the better. yes it has less traffic than etsy but with fewer members there is also much more chance your work will be seen.
it has its flaws for sure, and it's forever in beta mode but i would say worth a go.