New territory

I'm hoping to print some of my designs onto fabric and although quite exciting it's also a little daunting as its a completely new area for me. I thought I'd just be ordering some nice plain fabric that I liked the look of but soon found out it may be a little bit more complicated.

After a request for advice on twitter the lovely Tegan Rose of Ink & Spindle suggested that unless I wanted the hassle of pre-washing the fabric I should be looking at PFP (Prepared For Print Fabrics)

It was long search as suppliers who stock this fabric in the UK seem few and far between but I managed to find Whaleys they were really helpful and sent out up to five samples free of charge (samples shown above).

I'd be really interested to know of any fellow printmakers experiences of printing onto fabric especially regarding pre-washing and heat setting Inks as that's my next dilema so please leave a comment if you have any useful advice and don't mind sharing.


Karen Lewis Textiles said...

How exciting Dee! Your designs will look amazing on fabric. As you know this is a passion of mine and I certainly don't mind sharing some of my tried and tested experience about printing on fabric but we may want to start an email convo about this as it could end up being quite long! Just email me and I can bore you about screen printing onto fabric! Karen x

woot said...

I think your designs will look great on fabric, looking forward to seeing what you come up with! If you like, hop over to my blog, where I have given you a little ray of sunshine!

Jacqui Dodds said...

Hi Dee
I have been printing onto fabric recently and you can see some of my results here:
I have prewashed both the linen for the outside of my bag and the calico on the inside and then heat setting after printing.
I haven't had used prepared for print fabric so I think it would be good to look into that.
Keep posting - it's really interesting.