Thinking of printing this in Silver.


Busy Vee said...

I see you have some AMAZING Gocco prints!!! with their current discontinued state, do you still recommend to grab a Gocco if I have the opportunity and hoard as many products as possible?
Thanks for any insight!

Hens Teeth said...

You have got the most amazing style. Your work is a real treat to behold.

Dee Beale said...

Hi Busy Vee,
not sure what to advise about the gocco really as I'm not sure how many supplies are left out there.
There's a Gocco group on Flickr with a thread full of useful info.
Hope this helps.

Marie-Louise said...

I like your blog, many good things to see here!!!!!

griffo68 said...

Loving it!!!
Your work just keeps getting better!


Leigh Shepherd said...

Your work is beautiful. So glad I found your blog. (on Twitter by the way:)